44 remington

Clay entered the Civil war in 1861, at age 21; he fought for the Confederate States. After the Civil War Clay began working as a cowhand for Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight, he was on of the few men that blazed the famousGoodnight Loving Trail. In 1870, Clay established his own ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico.

Allison led a lynch mob on October 7, 1870 and hanged Charles Kennedy, an accused murderer. After the hanging Clay cut Kennedy's head off and placed it on a pole in Lambert's saloon. Allison led yet another mob in 1875 and hanged Cruz Vega from a telegraph pole, Allison tied the lynch rope to his saddlehorn and drug the body of Vega through rocks and brush.

Clay Allison

Allison shot and killed many men: 1862, a blue coat, 1874 Chunk Colbert, 1875 Pancho Griego, 1876 Cimarron deputy Sheriff.

Robert Clay Allison: Born 1840 in Waynesboro, Tennessee; Died July 1, 1887, in Pecos, Texas after falling beneath a wagon and hitting his head on the wheel.

Clay Allison was not the run of the mill outlaw, he did not rob banks or trains, he was a drunk and a *born to be* cold-blooded KILLER.


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