Samuel was born on July 21, 1851 in Mitchell, Indiana. His uncle raised Sam after his parents died. Bass left Indiana in 1869, and would lead the life of; a farmer, gambler, cowboy, saloon owner, miner, and train and bank robber.Sam ended up in Denton, Texas in 1870. W.F. Eagan, Sheriff of Denton, hired him. Eagan would later participate in a manhunt for Bass. In Denton Bass started racing horses, he was successful enough to quit working for Eagan.In 1876 Samuel headed for Deadwood, Dakota Territory, with a heard of stolen horses.

In Deadwood Sam owned and operated a freight line, it was too much work so he sold it and brought a saloon late hours at the saloon got to him so he sold it and started operating a mine. Bass and the mine went stone bone broke.Bass turned to thievery in 1877. Bass and his gang of desperadoes robbed a train in Big Springs, Nebraska of some sixty thousand dollars, three of his cut-throats were gunned down a couple of weeks later. Bass made it back to Texas and begin forming another band of merry men

In 1878 the Bass gang robbed four trains in and around Dallas, Texas. They got very little loot, what they did get was the Texas Rangers on their tails.

The gang tried to rob the bank in Round Rock, Texas, but was foiled again by the Texas Rangers. Bass was shot in the hand and as he was running to his horse he was shot in the back, he made it to the saddle horn, he griped the horn and made it out of town. The Rangers found him the next day sitting under a tree. Sam was taken back to Round Rock were he died the next day July 21, 1878. It was his twenty-seventh birthday.


Samuel Bass was not what I would call a bad out-law, he's like a lot of people today, he didn't want to work for a living, and look where he ended up … six feet under.