Bartholomew was his given name, but Bat was his name, he was born in 1853, in Canada. Masterson, like Wyatt Earp, stirred around in many occupations: farmer, laborer, buffalo hunter, army scout, gambler, saloon owner, gunman, sportsman, prizefight promoter and lawman.


Bat Masterson  Bat                              Winchester 73

In 1872 Bat with his brother Edward left the farm and went to Dodge City, he worked as a grading contractor for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.

Bat dropped out of sight for a couple of years, during that period, a gunfight took place between Bat and a man called King, during which King and a woman was killed.

In 1877 Bat opened a saloon in Dodge City, and got pistol-whipped by the marshal, while helping a prisoner escape. Bat was elected sheriff of Ford County in November of 1877. Late in 1879 he was defeated for the post of sheriff.

Masterson joined several friends from Dodge City, Luke Short and Wyatt Earp; they met in Tombstone, Arizona.

Masterson and Earp Bat & Wyatt                                               Luck Short Luke   Short                               

Bat married Emma Walters, in 1891, after eleven years, they moved to New York. Bat spent the next twenty years as a sports writer for the Morning Telegraph. William Barclay "Bat" Masterson died at his desk in 1921 age 65.

Bat Masterson, did not rob banks or trains, no horse stealing, all the killing was devoted to the outlaw. His only bad vise was gambling.

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Edward Masterson Edward                       Bat Masterson Bat