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William was born in a tenement in New York on November 23, 1859, when William was three years of age, the family moved to Coffeyville, Kansas. Old man Bonney, died shortly there after , and the family again moved, this time to Colorado, where William's mother married William Antrim, and he again moved the family to Silver City, New Mexico, where he worked in the mines. William was more or less self taught, as there were no schools in Silver City in 1871.The habits he picked up were not all good, most of them were bad to the bone.

             Ma Antrim                                       William Antrim

Billy killed his first man , with a pen knife, the beginning of a long flight had started, and would continue for the next nine years.

In the 1870's Billy became involved in the Lincoln County cattle wars, he hired out to both sides.

Billy, while working for Pete Maxwell, met John Tunstall. After a few months Billy went to work on Tunstall's ranch. A strong bond developed between them. On February 18, 1878 John Tunstall was murdered by a posse, who were checking Tunstall's cattle.

                                                               John Tunstall                  44 Rem

Billy swore he would kill everyone involved in Tunstall's murder, Billy turned from rustler to killer, and Lincoln county had a shooting war on its hands from that moment on.

Patrick Floyd Garrett, was born in Alabama, he wangled horses for Pete Maxwell, where he came to know a lad named W.H. Bonney. Pat, twenty-eight and Billy, nineteen, did some drinking and gambling together. They became good friends.

While the Kid continued his lower than scum-ways, Pat was running, and was elected sheriff of Lincoln County, with the help of the Governor, who wanted Billy the Kid dead, he knew Garrett was the man for the job.

On July 15, 1881, Pat Garrett, hid in the darkend bedroom, at the Maxwell ranch where Billy was staying. When Billy walked in, Pat fired two shots, and Billy fell to the floor dead.

                                         Pat Garrett                               Colt Dragoon


Did Billy the Kid really kill 21 men, one for each year he spent on earth, or did he kill ????.

Kid at 17                                             Billy the Kid