Ringo was born in Washington, Indiana, or Ringoes, N.J., or in Missouri, on May 3, 1850, the son of Martin and Mary Peters Ringo. Johnny, whose Mother's brother-in-law was uncle of both the Dalton's and Younger's, and whose Grandmother's sister-in-law was Mother of Jesse and Frank James.


In 1864, the Ringo family set out for California, Mary's sister, Augusta Peters Younger, lived in San Jose. The trip to California turned bad for Martin Ringo, he accidentally killed himself with his own shotgun. Martin was buried were he died, and the family continued on to California.

Johnny was a gambler, a heavy drinker, and one of the deadliest gunmen of his time. He was well versed, and known to quote Shakespeare.

Johnny was an associate of the McLaury's and the Clanton's, at the time of the great O.K. Corral shoot-out, but he was drunk or out of town when the shoot-out happened.


It was rumored, that he was the one that killer Morgan Earp, while Morgan was playing pool.

                                     Gun Belt

Ringo's guns killed many men in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Missouri. He ended up back in Tombstone on July 2, 1882, drinking heavily and depressed. He left Tombstone for the last time on July 8, and on July 8, 1882, the notorious Johnny Ringo , was found dead, his .45 caliber Colt was clenched in his right hand, he had a .45 caliber hole in his right temple. From all reports Johnny Ringo committed suicide.

Poor Johnny Ringo, I'll bet no-one quoted Shakespeare over his grave.

                                                                             45 Colt