Bear River Smith  Tom

1836 Colt

Tom was born in New York in 1830, he was reared in the Catholic faith, he was rumored to have been a member of the New York police force. Tom was in Nebraska, in 1867, working for the Union Pacific Railroad. The following year he was engaged in the same type work in Wyoming, where he became involved in the Bear River Riot, thus getting the name "Bear River Tom". He served as Marshal of several railroad towns. In 1870 he was appointed the first marshal of Abilene Kansas.

Tom would wade into a crowd of unruly cowboys using his fists to disarm them. Texas cowboys were liable to do what they were told, but with drink in them, they were prone to react violently to authority, so Bear River Tom wore his pistols prominently displayed at all times, and he would ride or walk down the middle of the street.

On November 2, 1870, Bear Rive Tom was brutally killed as he tried
to serve a warrant to Andrew McMonnell.

Thomas appeared to be a model Lawman, if there had been more Tom's, maybe there would have been less James's, Billy the Kid's and books.