Wild Horse

Robert LeRoy Parker was born in Beaver, Utah on April 6, 1866. Robert held many jobs, mine worker, cowboy, butcher, sailor, engineer, rustler, train and bank robber. Robert's father a devoted Mormon, moved the family, thirteen, to a ranch near Circleville Valley, Utah. The ranch was an old outlaw hangout. Soon after the move Robert and his brother Dan, joined the rustlers and gunfighters.


Robert adopted the name of his hero, Mike Cassidy, who gave Robert, now" Butch Cassidy" a saddle and a gun.

In 1887 Butch participated in an aborted train robbery in Colorado, and in 1889 he looted banks in Denver, Colorado and Telluride, Utah.                                                                                



In 1892 Butch was arrested and sentenced to two years, after his release in 1896, Cassidy returned to a life of crime, forming the notorious Wild Bunch. His followers, were Harvey Logan ( the mean one of the bunch), Harry Longabaugh (Sundance Kid), Elzy Lay, Ben Kilpatrick, George(Flat Nose) Curry and Harry Tracy.

       1836 colt                                                                           Kilpatrick

In the early 1900's, thing were getting too hot for the Wild Bunch, the law was closing in on Cassidy and his gang.

In 1902, Cassidy, Longabaugh and Etta Place, Sundance's sweetie, fled to South America.

The trio ended up in Argentina, where they operated a cattle and sheep ranch. After a few years, Etta took sick, and in 1907 Harry took Etta back to Denver.

Sundance                 Lady of Sundance

After a short stay in Denver, Harry returned, and he and Butch moved to Bolivia, where they started the old task of robbing banks.

Early in 1908, they were caught and killed ( so the story goes) by the Bolivian army.

Did Butch Cassidy meet his maker in Bolivia or did he die, William Thadeus Phillips in 1937 of cancer in Spangle, Washington, and did Sundance return to find and marry Etta Place, did he assume another name until his death in 1957, and is he buried in Casper, Wyoming?

Only Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid know what happen, every thing else is just legend.

LeRoy                                                     1836 Colt