Were they heroes, robin hoods, or were they just plain old gamblers and cold-blooded killers. Many books have been written over the years, and every writer has his or her own opinion. Some have stayed with the same story, or close, and some went off the deep end. But all in all most of the writers rode the same trail. I think a lot of the stories are full of myths, legends, and I think that's what happens. I have read a lot of these stories, the following is my myths and legends and I think I know.


Wyatt Earp

Bat Masterson

Tom Smith

Bill Tilghman

Doc Holliday


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    Jesse James

    Robert C. Allison

   John Wesley Hardin

      Butch Cassidy

   Billy the Kid

   Joaquin Murieta

   Johnny Ringo

   Bill Miner  

   Harvey Logan  

   Sam Bass  


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