Harvey Logan better known as "Kid Curry" was born in 1865 at Tama, Iowa.

Logan would lead many lives, that of a rustler, a gunman, a bank robber and a train robber. Their aunt Mrs. Hiram Lee, who lived in Dodson, Missouri raised Harvey and his three brothers. Harvey left home at age nineteen and went west. Curry was accompanied by two of his brothers and a cousin Bob Lee. They ended up in Wyoming, where they started a cattle rustling business, which turned out to be a cattle ranch with stolen cows near Landusky in Montana.

In the 1890's Harvey and his brothers sold their guns to the Red Sash gang during the Johnson County War. In 1894 Harvey shot and killed the founder of Landusky, they returned to cattle rustling after the killing.

In 1895 the Logan's had a shoot out with Jin Winters, Harvey's brother was killed, Harvey vowed revenge. Kid Curry spent the next few years with Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. Logan robbed banks, trains and killed sheriffs though out the west, he was responsible for the deaths of several other men.

Harvey Logan was one of the most wanted men in the country, he moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to hide from the law, but instead he got involved in a saloon fight and shot three policemen. After the shooting Logan left town on foot, he was captured thirty miles away, and taken back to town were he was thrown in jail. Harvey escaped and headed west again, to form another outlaw gang. After an unsuccessful train robbery in 1904, Harvey Logan was shot and killed. Was Kid Curry really killed in 1904, or did he go to South America with Cassidy and Sundance, and was he shot to death in 1910 while he was in South America?