William Minor alias "Old Bill" was born in 1847 at Jackson Kentucky…. Postman, cowboy; stage, train, and bank robber, convict, and slave trader. Williams's parents were working folks, his father was a miner and his mother was a teacher. Bill's father left the family when Bill was ten years old. Bill left home at age thirteen and headed west, he landed in California, where he operated a mail service. In 1869 William tried his hand at robbing a stagecoach, but his horse had bad eyes and stumbled, Bill was caught and sentenced to fifteen years in San Quentin, Bill was released in 1879.

After his release, Miner teamed up with Bill Leroy, they robbed several stagecoaches, they were caught. Leroy was hanged and Miner escaped.

Old Bill left the country and spent time traveling the Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe.Bill did a little slave trading in Turkey.

Miner returned to the United States in 1880 and went back to his old ways; robbing stagecoaches, trains, and banks. He was caught again in 1818 and sent back to San Quentin, he was released in 1901. Between 1903 and 1911, Miner robbed trains and banks from British Columbia to Milledgeville, Georgia. Bill was captured in Georgia and sentenenced to life in the Georgia State Penitentiary in Milledgeville. Bill Miner died in his sleep in 1913 at the ripe old age of sixty-six. Miner spend most of his life in one jail or another.

He wasn't a gunfighter and didn't kill anyone. His problem was staying away form the law.